Monday, 1 November 2010

Halloween: another shitter....

To the dissapointment of myself and several others there was no halloween party this year (that I was invited to) so I was stuck at home.....and this is where it starts to go downhill. To my detriment, I don't listen to much of what my parents tell me so you can imagine my surprise when I arose from my Jivamukti yoga routine to find 15 hyper 10-year-olds eating all the food in my fridge, popping ballons and chasing my cat with a polystyrene pole labelled 'demon stick' all looking like the cast of Fragle Rock. Turns out, it was a halloween party. So I thought I'd better make myself scarce, right after I treat myslef to some of mum's legendary tesco value sausage rolls.......famous last words. The kids were wrapping each other up in toilet paper, I was hoping this meant we were gonna ship them off, but it was another one of dad's ingenious party games. Along with melon bobbing and pin the leg on the centipede. So I was at the food table, contemplating a cheese-and-pinapple-on-a-stick with I heard this sinister looking, egg shaped headed child, who can only be described as a cross between Eric Pickles and Chucky, shout 'GET HIM!!'. I was cornered, and armed only with a slightly cheesey cocktail stick was left in a battle of wits against a swarm of toilet paper wielding kids, whilst most other 17 year olds were out getting shit faced...F.M.L

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